Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Updates on the Sampler Quilt

10. Bargello

This was a tricky one to do regarding the colour changes and thickness of the seams on the thin strips but I loved quilting it in smooth curves in contrast to the stepped curves of the Bargello. This was not one of my favourite designs when I looked at it in the book, but I felt I needed to do all the blocks to learn the techniques.  I prefer seminole, which this is similar to, but am glad I took it on, I was pleasantly pleased at the effectiveness of the lines and with myself for carefully following the excellent instructions.  The quilting wasn't easy given the closeness of some of the seams, but I'm pleased with that too

11. Attic Windows

After carefully selecting the graduating fabrics for Bargello this one was quite easy, using the orange cotton which is kind of the ground colour for the entire quilt, and a red to contrast for the uprights on the window frames. Then I chose a range of fabrics from my palatte to graduate from the yellow in the bottom left corner to the black in the opposite, using fussy cutting from the same fabric in two of the sets of panels.  I was really looking forward to doing the quilting in this one, using the sun rising to echo the movement from light to dark in the window panels.  My hand piecing wasn't perfect but once the yellow sashing was on it looked fine, the yellow working well as a contrast as it sin't used in any of the edge windows.

12. Pineapple

This was the first foundation piecing I'd done for quite some time, squirreling in my stash to find some tearaway stabiliser.  I always find it difficult to remember which way my seams go but Lynne Edwards' instruction were, as eve, clear and easy to follow.  I prefer log cabin but am happy with the way this turned out, even if I did have to cut the corner triangles twice because I had the stripes going the wrong way!  I like this way of using the fabrics so it looks like a jagged x shaped fan rather than an octagon framed within the outer triangels.  I just quilted along the lines for this one, which was needed as I'd just missed one of the seams on the foundation piecing, for once my machining was less accurate than my hand sewing.  I blame the fabric...

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