Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Walking the black dog

Not so much an artistitc comment so much as one on my 'now reading' list. Yesterday I read three books in one day, a little extreme even for me, but if you ever want to know how it feels inside my head read A Voice in the Distance by Tabitha Suzuma, it had me crying last night because it says all the things I can't. Speaking of black dogs, deep deep joy that Martin wrote me the most lovely song on the subject. It's how Churchill described depression, as his black dog.


Tabitha Suzuma said...

Hi Jo,

I'm sorry my book, A Voice in the Distance, made you cry. But I hope you enjoyed reading it too. Have you read the prequel - A Note of Madness? I've also written a psychological thriller called From Where I Stand which also deals with the theme of depression.

Thanks for reading and I hope things get better for you very soon.

To read about my own struggles with depression, visit my website:

Take good care of yourself.


Jo Bennie said...

Sorry for the delay, haven't checked my blog for AGES!
I haven't read A Note of Madness but I have read From Where I Stand, I have really enjoyed both, I'm well past my teenage years but it was so wonderful to feel that someone is writing about this for teenagers so they don't feel so desparately alone. I'm reading your site in tears (again), you could be writing about my life, writing was always my lifeline but something I never had the courage to continue with, maybe I should. I always felt I didn't have enough skin. Thank you