Sunday, 13 April 2008

Theme: favourite colour

Productive day in Aberdeen today, made it to both my ATC group and Aberdeen Art Gallery.

This month's theme is favourite colour. Usually it would be purple but actually I think my favourite colour is, as cj would put it, 'rainbow'. Time for a brainstorm. Things I love about:
red: love, warmth, blood relations, fire, courage, passion, freqency 480-405 THz
orange: still warmth, tangerines, tiggerine, life 510-480 THz
yellow: sunshine, daffodills, celandines, spring flowers, sand, buddhism 530-510 THz
green: growing things, hope, life, nature, spirit, youth, Islam 580-530 THz
blue blue: day, sea, sky, peace, my first blankie, sleep, blues 670-600 THz
indigo: comfy jeans, the night sky 670-700 THz
violet: violets, richness 700-790 THz

black: death (in a good way, peace), concealment
white: absence, lack, white page, snow

I love a rainbow (kaleidoscope, variegated, motely, psychdelic, vibrant, harlequin) as it is, today (well, last night) S rearranged my fruit teabags by colour and whilst I did laugh at him it did look damn good. 9 cards, 7 colours plus black and white?

Rainbows on Wikipedia - Rainbow serpent - aborginal, in control of water as most preciousresource in Australia, benevolent protector of its people, punisher of lawbreakers. Land, water, life, social, fertility. Greek and norse mythology, rainbow as a bridge. Bible - symbol of god's covenant with Noah.

At the top are two rainbows that I painted in acrylics on board, my effort at an aboriginal style rainbow serpent and a rainbow I created for cj.

Idea, 9 cards each with a rainbow serpent on, each with a background, 7 in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet with two more in black and white to make up the set. Use beads / sequins / metallic foil dots for aboriginal dots. Line space around serpent to make sure no colour blends in too much. Time to do some studies with my Rainforest book.

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